In the Countryside

At the weekend, we drove in the countryside, to Lars, Sylvia, and Levi. The three of them have been working for months now on their own little paradise in Mecklenburg Vorpommern. It is nice to see how their little house, the beautiful garden and the barn gain more and more personality und becoming their home, even if it’s only for the weekend. Still, even one weekend there gives so much energy, which is not only because of the beautiful environment, but also because of the lovely people, who will be a foursome soon.

Together, we baked sourdough bread and scarfed it down with selfmade plum jam. We harvested a few pumpkins, got the most crispy pizza from the kitchen stove, told stories, spent half a day in the hammock, watched Levi how he rolled through the mud like a little piggy. We built sandcastles and sat around the fire. A few days ago, Lars and Sylvia harvested their two old apple trees and pressed the apples by the liter to incredibly delicious apple juice, which we relished.
This is how life should be. Sweet, sour, delicious.

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For 6 servings

During the past couple of months, we’ve worked like crazy on our Krautkopf app and now it has finally come: the app is available in the Apple App Store! To celebrate this special moment, we want to share one of our favorite recipes from it. The dark berry basil tart landed a few times on our cake plates this summer. It is a perfect dessert for hot days, since the oven remains cold for this tart. Summer cake that must not be baked, but coming cooled from the refrigerator, is our favorite. If it’s loaded with a bunch of berries, nothing can stop us. Red basil adds a delicious flavor to the berry tart and matches its color. It is slightly more minty than the standard Genovese basil, and the leaves and blossoms are very decorative.

For the cake base coarsely chop dates. In a pan without oil, roast almonds, hazelnuts, and sunflower seeds until they begin to crack. Chop cooled nuts and kernels in a blender. They should not be too coarse, so that the mass will keep well but is not ground to flour. Add dates, coconut oil, and salt, and continue mixing until you get a sticky mass.
Fill mass into greased springform (26 cm in diameter), and with a large spoon, press firmly into the form. It should create a rim of approx. 2 cm height. Place cake base in refrigerator.
For the filling, pick off basil leaves from stems and finely purée berries with basil leaves. Then pass through a sieve. Add coconut milk to fruit purée and season to taste with maple syrup and lime juice. Then stir in starch and agar-agar with a wire whisk. In a saucepan, while stirring continuously, bring berry purée to a brief boil. Then pour into a bowl and let cool until lukewarm, stirring occasionally. Spread filling on cooled cake base and place tart in refrigerator for at least 4 hours. Then garnish with remaining berries.

For 2 servings

As a little appetizer we present you one of the new summer recipes which you will find in our own cooking app, coming in August 2016. Furthermore, we’d like to share a few words.
We don’t belong to those people, who plan years ahead. We don’t strive for longterm goals but do what comes to our mind and makes us happy. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to try out new things. This way, our projects grow and change with us and it won’t get boring.
Almost three years ago we started Krautkopf. A site to show our photos and recipes, that was our idea. One year later, we got to cook for 25 people at our first Private Dinner, the next year, we published our cookbook, and another year later, we work on our next unplanned and not expected project: our Krautkopf App. It will be available in German and English at the app store. Beside 80 recipes you will find 50 new ones we created exclusively for the app. As always, the recipes are seasonal, but we also focused on fast and simple dishes, which of course won’t lack the right amount of Krautkopf. With the terrific tools like grocery list, menu planner and ingredients search it will be easier than ever for you to cook our recipes. We are thrilled about the app!
We want to thank all the people who give us the opportunity and supported us to develop ourselves. Without their impact we might have dreamed a lot but never implemented anything. Thanks, Betty and Philipp, that you convinced us so fast to give our dinner at your beautiful loft, the Fabrik 23. We still love to think back. Thanks Christin and Lisa for talking us out of our fears and to publish our own book. And thanks, Andreas, for knocking on our door at the right time, so that we now can make the next big step. Without you we wouldn’t be where we are now. Of course, we could continue this endlessly, because those who boosted the projects with us are only a small fraction. Our biggest thanks goes out to you all who gave us such great feedback and drive us to new ideas. Thanks to all who let us cook for them and who again cook our recipes for their friends, to all who own our cookbook and hopefully will soon have our app next to their sizzling pans.

In a saucepan, blanch peas in salt water. Then cool rapidly in ice water. Cook rice noodles according to package instructions; also cool rapidly with cold water and drain well.
Mix miso paste, rice vinegar, rice syrup, and sesame oil into a dressing. Halve melon, core, and with a melon baller, cut out balls. Alternatively, peel melon and cut into cubes. Cut cucumber into thin slices and scallions into rings. Coarsely chop peanuts and cilantro.
Mix all ingredients, finish with the dressing, and salt to taste.

It's finally here: The Krautkopf app is now available for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.


Inside you’ll find all new exclusive recipes, step-by-step instructions you can check off, increase/decrease serving sizes, create a shopping list organised by aisle and so much more. Head to the App Store to take a look at the app.

The Krautkopf App